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How would your life and business change

if you could have a quantum expansion of the qualities you admire most?


Generosity, compassion, patience, wisdom, kindness, humour.

We all would like to be more something, but how do we do that?  

One simple, yet profound transformational session can show you, not only what that would look and feel like, but also your concrete next steps.

Based on neuroscience, body memory and ancient Buddhist techniques, this process, created by a former Buddhist nun, has the patronage of the Dalai Lama and is taught in an eminent Canadian university. 

Join me in taking this powerful step for yourself and for the world.  

What is included

The live session will be held Sunday, June 16th, 2 pm EST. It will be recorded if you cannot attend live. (Value 150$ USD)

One week follow up and brainstorming in a private Facebook Group, to answer any questions and to help you take your first steps towards your goals. (Value 200 USD)

 Offer: 44$ USD

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As a business mentor, designer and spiritual seeker, I know the true magic lies in bringing your spiritual and personal growth 100% into everything you do, including your business.

You know you have so much more in you to offer, so much more to BE.

Sometimes you just need to be able to tap into the truth of who you are.

I am honoured, blessed and excited to share this with you. 

Who am I and why should you join me?


My name is Donna Brown. I am a sacred business designer, creative and speaker, more than anything I am a human being with all her flaws, challenges, gifts and potential. For well over a decade, I have practiced meditation, studied Buddhist philosophy and trained in corporate-based mindfulness facilitation.

In business I have worked and designed for some of the world’s largest fashion brands, worked in media, television, publishing as a lifestyle expert.

More than anything, I am a seeker. Someone reaching into themselves and stretching out into the cosmos in their search for meaning and understanding.